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Eloise Wexler

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21 BPO Agents Listed

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Broker *FeaturedID: 48-218
Zip Codes Serviced90065,90041,91201,91202,91203,91040,91205,91206,91207,91042,91214
Years of BPO Experience3
Email AddressvivianRlong@yahoo.com
Website Addresshttp://www.vivianlong.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month60
Patti Davis *FeaturedID: 48-193
Zip Codes Serviced59714, 59715, 59741
Years of BPO Experience7
Email Addresspdavis52@gmail.com
Website Addresshttp://www.pedeandassociates.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month50
Realtor, GRI *FeaturedID: 48-27
Zip Codes Serviced92590,92591,92592,92563,92564,92595,92530,92542,92543,92544
Years of BPO Experience6
Email Addressaudreydevine@aol.com
Website Addresshttp://www.audreydevine.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month90
Commercial CCIM *FeaturedID: 48-12
Zip Codes Serviced93534,93535,93536,93550,93551,93552,93505,93560
Years of BPO Experience15
Email Addressglenn@rohercommercial.com
Website Addresshttp://www.rohercommercial.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month16
Dalton Real Estate, Inc. *FeaturedID: 48-1
Zip Codes Serviced
Years of BPO Experience25
Telephone805 496 6132
Email Addresscustomersupport@daltonrealtors.com
Website Addresshttp://www.DaltonRealtors.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month
Associate BrokerID: 48-335
Zip Codes Serviced20715,20716,20717,20718,20719,20720,20721,20705,20790,20781,20784,
Years of BPO Experience4
Email Addresstanyag@joinreal.com
Website Addresshttp://www.yourdomainname.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month100
Experienced Broker/Investor ID: 48-334
Zip Codes Serviced29607, 29615, 29360, 29601, 29602, 29603, 29656, 29647, 29648, 29649,
Years of BPO Experience8
Email Addressglurinvestments@gmail.com
Website Addresshttp://www.yourdomainname.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month300
BPO ManagerID: 48-332
Zip Codes Serviced84020 84003 84010 84040 84057 84095 84081 84118 84404 84606 84040
Years of BPO Experience20
Email Addressbpoorders@fredlawteam.com
Website Addresswww.fredlawteam.com
Maximum BPO Orders Per month200
Joseph V WilliamsID: 48-324
Zip Codes Serviced37311, 37364, 37402, 37405, 37412,
Years of BPO Experience18
Email Addressjoev@williamsrealtyservices.com
Website Addresswww.williamsrealtyservices.comom
Maximum BPO Orders Per month100
BPORID: 48-316
Zip Codes Serviced28269,28078,28278
Years of BPO Experience7
Email Addressbrian@elitecarolinas.com
Website Addresswww.elitecarolinas.net
Maximum BPO Orders Per month20

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